MGL Financial LLC is an independent, fee-only Financial Planning firm established by Mary Langhorne, CFP®. 

MGL Financial LLC is committed to providing objective and affordable financial services by offering one-time, periodic or ongoing advice and planning services to anyone regardless of age, net worth or level of financial expertise.  

MGL Financial LLC is a fee-only planning firm and does not sell financial products. Ms. Langhorne understands the real life issues of individuals and families and realizes that common life events, including marriage, divorce or the death of a spouse, can instantly alter financial outlooks and situations.  

Clients determine the scope of services needed. Ms.Langhorne works with you to understand your needs, define your financial goals and create a working financial road map. Everyone deserves financial peace of mind and a trusted financial professional they can turn to with questions. 

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"Everyone deserves financial peace of mind"
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